March 16, 2011

The Difference Between Tote Bag and Shoulder Bag

Bag is the love for ladies. On the street, you can find that almost every girl has bags on their hands or shoulders. Bags are not only used to carry little items, such as cell phone, keys, and lipstick, it is also an important decoration to their image.

I canĂ¢€™t go out for shopping without a bag as well as most girls. But there are various styles of christian dior bags on the market, which one to choose? Which one is better for you? For carrying type, bags can be divided into two groups: tote and shoulder bag.

Tote bags have short handles and are usually worn at the crook of the arm. Shoulder bags have longer handles and are worn diagonally on your shoulder or across the body. What more, a shoulder bag has long straps and it is much bigger and has more pockets and places to put things than a tote bag.

Most girls have more than one bag which are storing at their house. When they catch a sight of the attractive bag in a shop window, they canĂ¢€™t help buying it even they have enough bags at house, because every bag has its highlight to buckish girls.
Tote bags are smart and easy to carry. They are simple in design, and it can embody the temperament of its owner. Tote bags are often used when you are attending a party. Shoulder bags are often designed freely, and they are much lager than tote bags and they can carry more things, it will be a great choice when you go out for shopping or go to work.

I also get several bags at home including totes and shoulder bags. I like them all. They are good-looking and practical. When I am taking part in a meeting of the old classmates, I will carry my favorite tote, when I want to carry some file to work or go shopping, I will take my shoulder bags. Choose bags for different occasion and different purpose. It is a big pleasure to match bags with different clothes for girls.

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